" Education When You Need It"

Computer Lab Campaign Registration # CH164960

Progressive Academy of Technology, Inc.
P. O. Box 698
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
(850) 244-1894


To raise enough funds to start a computer lab and server to serve home schoolers and at risk students who have not completed high school and received a diploma.

Progressive Academy of Technology, Inc. needs to purchase or rent a server, computers, software, and instructional designer to set up a distance learning computer lab to train students on how to use the technology.

Donations are needed to keep the tuition costs as low as possible to allow as many students as possible to utilize the technology.


Hire an Instructional Technologist
Purchase software for computers and server
Purchase 20 computers to set up computer lab
Purchase or lease space to house a computer lab.
Pay utilities costs
Pay Information Technology (IT) subcontract costs


Progressive Academy of Technology, Inc. feels parents should have a choice of educating their child or children. Students will purchase their own study materials and (1) be able to study from home by using distance learning or (2) study in a structured environment in our classroom, Tutoring, and possibly other activities will be offered at our school. Parents' education of their children is our goal with us assisting them in any way we can. Our curriculum includes a study of the Bible with a strong emphasis on what the Bible teaches us about living our lives.

GOAL: RAISE $45,000.00
300 partners in Computer Lab Campaign
$25.00/month x 12 months-$300.00
$300.00 x 150 Contributors = $45,000.00

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