There is something for everyone to do - come out and join the team! 

Greeters - Needed Immediately
Teachers - Needed Immediately
Mentors for lab - Needed Immediately
Lab assistants - Needed Immediately
  PC Builders - Needed Microsoft Windows NT/2000 enthusiasts.
  PC Movers - Needed Immediately
People with organizational skills for the library of software and books
Willing People who just want to help!

Donate Computers

We collect computers from businesses and individuals who have decided to upgrade and we then refurbish them. These refurbished computers are then distributed through our company, network of schools, or other non profits to disadvantaged and under served students and families.

Donate Money

Money collected is used to help us buy parts needed to refurbish computers donated and to pay for other expences incurred in repairing and getting the computers in the hands of needy students.

Please call or email us at the below address if you have any interest.

850-496-6963 or 850-863-4300


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