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The following essay is to be used as a sample until we receive essays from students.


A home computer will benefit my education in many ways, it will keep my skills very knowledgeable in all areas of my school subjects, in today's world all classroom space is limited, therefore their is to much work for a teacher to take on the whole class to teach, I can still write any notes that I learn in class and go home and apply all my notes with online learning activities on my computer at home. And continue my learning at home also that will keep me ahead in work study in or out the classroom, I feel all families need to have a computer it is today's learning tool for all ages, no it does not take the place of teachers, because they still stand as an important idol in all our kids lives and adults as well, there are many adult moms and dads that are continuing their education to make their future better for their children and them, this could be a wonderful thing to keep a good relationship with each other, were learning and studying together we are helping each other in so many ways, to benefit our education for our future. My mom just started selling Home Interior and this will allow her to do more things. I will be using my computer to do math study programs to keep my skills extra sharp constantly as I can continue to learn new math lessons. I would like to thank Computers for Kids, Inc. for making this possible for my family and me to have a computer, thank you!

~Kathy - age 12

A home computer has benefit my education by me learning to type out words and spell them by typing them out instead of writing them. I am learning more about computers and how they work because I have one at home that I can use at any time. My mother spends time teaching me it's like it's our family time together when I use my computer. I really thank you for giving me a computer.