What We Believe

We here at Progressive Academy of Technology believe that the parents and not the "state" were given the right and responsibility to educate their own childen. We are positioned to assist parents in making their home educational experience a success by combining the full services of a private school administration office with the advantages, personal assistance, and accountability. We also provide various tutoring of lessons, classes, and activities at our campus school to assist our families as needed. We want your home academic education program to be a success. Also, we want to assist those who wish to complete credits needed to earn high school diplomas. We believe education should begin with the solid foundation. We feel that our purpose is to provide parents with the structured organization and benefits of a school, but at the same time enabling them to give their children the benefits of home education. To do this we provide support and counseling to families who want to develop their child or children who are obedience and strong in moral character. We also believe a child should have an appreciation of physical labor and diligent study habits. We want to encourage parents to prepare their children for future responsibility. We believe that students should develop a proper respect of authority and their neighbor by refraining from speaking negative of them. It is our desire that all our graduates be equipped with an academically solid education that will help them to successfully accomplish a purpose for their lives. We feel that the basic values, goals, and standards of a society are developed through education which begins when the child is young and continues throughout life. It is our belief that the parents are accountable for the education of their children. Parents must have the freedom to choose the best curriculum and teaching methods for their own children and we could never assume the parental responsibility of education; so, we are here as an extension of the parent. We are here as a guide for the parent and student in their academic growth.

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